Submission Guidelines

The Wandering Forest by Christian Schloe

1.  Submissions are CLOSED. Birdsong Journal publishes periodically throughout the year.

     * Poems:  Include 1-3 poems in the body of your email (no attachments), 30 lines or less.  Send to BirdsongJournal at Outlook dot com.  Also include a brief bio of 50 words or less.  


     * Flash Fiction: Include 1 flash fiction piece, no more than 750 words. Include a brief bio of 50 words or less.

2.  Previously published work is accepted but only if it was published in a literary journal that is no longer active or in an individual poetry chapbook and the poem(s) haven't been published elsewhere.  Do not send simultaneous submissions.

3.  If published, please wait two weeks before submitting again.  If your submission is rejected, please wait one month before submitting again.

4.  Failure to follow these simple guidelines will ensure that your submission is immediately deleted.  I have many submissions to read through and do not have the time to reply to someone and explain why I can't accept their submission.

5.  Birdsong Journal acquires exclusive one-time online/electronic and print rights to publish poetry and to maintain archives that contain current material.  After publication, all rights revert to the author.  If the work should be published in the future, Birdsong Journal asks only for credit.

6.  All works will be published on a rolling basis.  Expect a wait time of 1-2 months for a response.  

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